Thank you Chair.

I rise to speak briefly in support of Item B where Council is proposing to renew existing leases on land used by community groups for sport, recreation and cultural purposes.

Three of the organisations that will benefit from today’s decision are in my Ward and I would like to touch briefly on each of them and commend the great work they are doing locally.

They are the Moggill Junior Australian Football Club, the Royal Queensland Lawn Tennis Association and the Scout Association of Queensland.

Both the Moggill Junior Football Club, better known as the Mighty Mustangs and the Lawn Tennis Association are based at the Moggill District Sports Park.

The decision by the Quirk Liberal administration with very strong advocacy from former Pullenvale Ward Councillor, Margaret de Wit, to invest in the development of the Moggill District Sports Park showed wonderful foresight at the time and this facility continues to be a great asset in the Moggill and Bellbowrie communities.

Chair, I want to single out Mustangs President, Mat Kiker whose family moved from Victoria to the Moggill area a couple of years ago and immediately became involved in the Club.

Like many ex-pat Victorians, Matt is passionate about Australian Football and is actively promoting children to play the great game.

And pardon the pun, he’s kicking some serious goals.

Last year, there were 53 participants in Community Auskick. That number grew by 11% in 2023 with 16 of them being young girls.

Likewise with Superstars. Last year, there were 7 participants. This year, there were 28 with 11 of them female.

And then in the juniors, the number of participants increased from 33 to 60 – an almost 100% increase – with the number of teams expanding from three to five.

Local businesses are now seeing the benefits of being associated with the Mustangs. From zero sponsors in 2022, they now have eight on board and I expect that will continue to grow.

Chair, likewise with the tennis courts at the Moggill District Sports Park.

The Lawn Tennis Association continues to secure strong bookings of the courts, whether its for schools, competition or social use.

Extending that lease will provide continuity but more important, it is ensuring large numbers of local residents are playing tennis as part of an active and healthy lifestyle.

And finally, the Karana Downs Scout Group located at Kupi Park, Tanderra Way.

The Scouting movement in Australia began in 1908 and has proud history of teaching young boys (and these days girls) a range of skills and disciplines that continue to serve them well through life.

Chair, I know you have a strong association with Scouts in your Ward as does Councillor Landers and I in ours.

My Scouts supporters scarf hangs proudly in my office and I’m always happy and available to help my three local groups.

I was both a Cub and a Scout in my youth and when I see what the Scouts of today are able to do, I wish I had paid more attention.

That said, anything we can do to support what is now the world’s largest youth organisation can only be a good thing, and I support this recommendation before us today.