I rise to speak in support of Item C – the naming of the footbridge in Rafting Ground Park in honour of the late Emeritus Professor Ludvik Bass who passed away in late 2022.

The idea to honour Professor Bass came from local residents following his memorial service which was appropriately held at the Park.

When I learned the full extent of Professor Bass’s association with this particular park, and that honouring his memory there had the support of his family, I set the wheels in motion for this to occur.

I undertook community consultation via social media, my newsletter and Councillor website, and to my delight, it generated considerable local interest and support.

Of all the consultation I’ve conducted in the past three years, the result of this one was by far the most conclusive. Of the 81 responses received, only 2 were opposed.

Chair, by way of a background, the Bass family moved from Pullenvale to Kenmore in 1976.

In the early days, the family frequently picnicked in the park and the children often rode their horses down Pullenvale Road to Rafting Ground Park and took them swimming in Moggill Creek at a time when that was permitted.

The Bass family always had a dog and without fail, Ludvik walked it twice a day, many times in Rafting Ground Park.

Upon his retirement in 1984, Ludvik’s daily attendance at Rafting Ground Park was sealed. He loved it and saw beauty there new and old during each daily visit.

He developed close friendships with other dog walkers during his walks there and it has been said by members of that community was that he was the centre of everything at that park. They not only met there on their walks, but also shared meals and celebrated special events together.

The one thing that irked Ludvik at the time was the lack of a bridge between the two sides of the park. He contacted Brisbane City Council about it and attended public forums advocating for the footbridge to be built.

Nobody was happier than he when it was finally built, using it almost every day until his passing last October.

Given his 50 plus year association with the park and his advocacy leading to the creation of the footbridge, I believed it would be an appropriate recognition to have it named in his honour.

Chair, in closing its worth nothing another local historical milestone at Rafting Ground Park.

The Kenmore Historical Society, now chaired by the former Councillor for the Toowong Ward, Jady Magub has briefed me on the role of the bullockies who played in sending timber down the river from where the park now stands, contributing to the early development of our city.

I am now working with Judy to determine community interest in a history trail in another section of the park to acknowledge the bullockies. But more on that at another time.

Thank you.