Kenmore South State School has been one of the real success stories in Council’s “School Active Travel” initiative this year.

After being chosen to participate in the Active Travel programme in 2023, both teachers and students alike have embraced the objectives and kicked some serious goals.

The programme is designed to educate and motivate students, parents and teachers to reduce car use and actively travel to and from school.

At the beginning of the year, 27% of KSSS students used modes of transport other than private vehicle to attend school. The goal of 50% was set for the year but that was achieved by May so it was upgraded to 65% but that too has been exceeded and who knows where it might finish by the end of the school year?

Kenmore South’s achievements were formally recognised by being awarded School  of the  Year by Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner at a civic reception at City Hall last night.

I have a attended a number of the Active Travel meetings with Council officers and teachers during the year and congratulate them along the students and their parents for participating in this worthy programme and making travel to and school easier and safer as a result.

A special shoutout to Deputy Principal, Robyn Cooney, teachers Kirsten Cowan and Chris Nelson and parent representative, Melissa Buttigieg for embracing this important initiative.