Thank you Chair

I rise to speak briefly about two very successful community events held in the Pullenvale Ward over the past fortnight.

With the relaxation of rules around mass gatherings, residents have been able to again meet freely at events such as these and help generate the community spirit for which we are renowned.

The first event was “A Day in May”, organised by the Pullenvale Progress Association on the grounds of our famous Pullenvale Hall.

For those with an interest in local history, this hall was built in 1938 and served as a packing hall for pineapples when that was one of the major industries in our local area.

Now it’s a popular meeting place for a range of local community events including Christmas For The Kids where I expect to again be asked to don the red suit and dispense lollies to kids from the fire truck this year. 

But back to “A Day in May”.

About 50 local businesses, community groups, schools and local elected representatives had marquees and did business with a record crowd estimated at more than 1,000 crowd during the course of the day. 

It was community at its very best.

My congratulations the event organisers, particularly Penelope McGown, Kate Christiansen, Nicole Ferguson and Helen Gunning-Stevenson for pulling together such a successful event.

Likewise to the Kenmore South Primary School for the most creative scarecrow. I selected them the award for the way they incorporated totally recycled products into their Super Scarer.

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to Artie, a Grade 6 girl at the Pullenvale State School who at such a young age is already showing she will be a success in the business world, if her ability to make, promote and sell her handmade jewellery is any indication.

Mr Chair, the other local community event was “Explore 4070”, held at the Moggill Sports Park last Sunday.

It too was organised as an event aimed at providing something of interest to everyone in the family.

A number of local groups including e-Waste Connection, the Karana Downs Community Garden Hub and Queensland Police were there to promote the great work they do in the local community.

When the Karana Bellbowrie Rotary Club first approached me regarding doing a community event, we had in mind Australia Day.

But they wisely bought for time and given the success of “Explore 4070”, I think we now have a new permanent event based around Queensland Day on our local calendar.

Again talking about young achievers, Alannah Valentine, at age 21 was elected as President of the Karana Bellbowrie Rotary Club in the middle of COVID.

Alannah will soon hand over the chains to a new president, but she can be justifiably proud of the legacy she has created in her short time at the helm.

It was appropriate that the State Member for Moggill, Dr. Christian Rowan presented her with a Queensland Day Award on the day.

Thank you.