Anzac 2021 2


Thank you Chair.

I rise to speak about the commemoration of ANZAC Day in the Pullenvale Ward this year and to congratulate all involved for the respectful and dignified way in which those who had served in the defence of our country were remembered.

It was again heartening to witness how an appreciative nation turns out each year to pay their respects to all who have fought – both living and deceased – over many campaigns.

Brookfield was front and centre of ANZAC Day commemorations in the western suburbs this year.

To see the Brookfield Showgrounds packed with a crowd that Police estimated to be 8,000 for the ANZAC service was something to behold.

And many of those stayed on for the annual Shell Green cricket match afterwards, but more on that in a minute.

It was appropriate that Brookfield shone on ANZAC Day, given the showgrounds was where a large number of horses were prepared before being dispatched to Europe to play their role in the Light Horse Brigade in WW1.

There were other services in my Ward at Mount Crosby which I attended, and at the Fairview retirement village where an elderly resident, Brian Farrow was the star on the television news that night. His son, Scott Emerson clearly inherited his media skills from Brian.

It was unfortunate the Dawn Service at Bellbowrie and the traditional mid-morning march at Kenmore were postponed this year because of the challenges of contact tracing thousands of residents.

And by the time the Premier dropped that requirement, it was too late to have them reinstated. It’s a pity Mr. Chair that the unions didn’t deliver their ultimatum to the Government sooner that they were going to be marching on May Day, irrespective of any COVID imposed rules.

In conclusion, let me elaborate on Shell Green.

During the battle at Gallipoli, Australian troops played cricket on a flat green to confuse the Turks. They in return lobbed shells onto the field, hence the name.

Each year, the Brookfield United / Lord Mayor’s 11 plays an Army 11. Despite our impressive record in the 10 years this game has been played, the Army prevailed this time.

But being the good sport he is, the Lord Mayor was gracious in presenting the trophy to Brigadier Blain and accepting the runner’s up trophy which must be displayed in his office for the next 12 months.

Finally, my thanks to Lt. Col. Rick Maher, the President of the Kenmore-Moggill RSL, the executive at the Brookfield Showground and the many sponsors who helped ensure one of the most important days on our national calendar was honoured in such a way in my community.

Thank you.