Thank you Chair.

I rise to speak about Item B – a petition requesting Council install measures to deter speeding and a safe pedestrian path on Pinjarra Road in my Ward.

I’m pleased to advise this Chamber that not only am I aware of the concerns expressed by residents on Pinjarra Road, the Schrinner Council has already initiated a number of measures to help address them.

I was first contacted by local residents regarding ongoing safety concerns along Pinjarra Road in February this year.

Excessive speeding was highlighted as the major concern, contributed to by rat running to avoid congestion along Moggill Road. Its not helped by Google Maps offering Pinjarra Road as an option between Bellbowrie and Kenmore, particularly when there should be no need for anyone other than residents living on that road to divert off Moggill Road between both of those locations.

Chair, I arranged a meeting onsite soon after with a delegation of local residents, together with representatives from the Queensland Police Service.

Police provided a history of their speed enforcement data which demonstrated that the road is well patrolled and insisted that the current speed limit of 60 km/h is appropriate for the conditions.

It was suggested that more speed limit signage be deployed along Pinjarra Road, along with installation of more guideposts. A review of a number of trees that are particularly close to the road towards the western end, was undertaken.

I referred these suggestions along with a request for a traffic study to Council’s Transport Network Operations division. 

Chair, I am pleased to advise that the TNO review has been completed and the outcome is that extra and larger speed limit signage has been deployed along Pinjarra Road with the intention being to remind and reinforce the legislated speed limit to motorists. 

The provision for more guideposts and the review of the trees close to the road at the western end of Pinjarra Road is currently under investigation by Council’s PPI West team.

I am pleased to advise the Chamber that the Schrinner Council in its 2021/22 Budget, recognised the need for safety improvements and allocated funding for the installation of a guardrail along a section of Pinjarra Road.

In addition, I propose allocating funding from my Suburban Enhancement Fund for the provision of a footpath at the top end of Pinjarra Road where it meets Moggill Road.

This won’t be cheap, but will be worth it, as it will mean commuters and young mothers pushing prams won’t have to walk along the edge of Pinjarra Road to get to the nearby bus-stop on Moggill Road.

Chair, I’m also advised that Council officers undertook an inspection of Pinjarra Road in June to investigate the possible installation of additional street lighting, as there is only lighting on average at one in five lots.

The good news for residents is that Council is arranging for Energex to install in total up to 10 lights along Pinjarra Road, with these works anticipated to be completed by the end of October.

We also have an existing footing for a SAM on Pinjarra Road opposite number 87. When the SAM was last located at this site, it resulted in an average speed reduction of 11 km/h.

Given that success, I will look to include this site for inclusion on the next rotation of SAM’s in my Ward.

Chair, in conclusion, the concerns raised in this petition were legitimate and I thank the head petitioner, Allanah Allman for her persistence and commitment to having these issues addressed.

Equally, I thank the Schrinner Council for the manner in which it has responded to ensure improved road safety on Pinjarra Road to the benefit of residents in that part of my community.

Thank you.