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Brisbane Olympics – Council Speech

Thanks Chair

I rise to speak briefly about the excitement around Brisbane being named the Olympics and Paralympics host city in 2032.

In doing so, I want to add my congratulations to the role the Lord Mayor played in securing the games.

The economic benefits and international exposure Brisbane will receive as a result of this announcement, leading up to and during the games, have been well documented.

But in the time available, I want to elaborate on what being named as host city means to the many aspiring young sportsmen and women in our city.

The opportunity to compete at a home Olympics is just another motivation for them to excel and exceed in their chosen sport.

Chair, I know a young basketballer in my Ward, Jovan Sierocki, who I predict will be playing for the Australian Boomers in Brisbane in 2032.

The telemetrics undertaken on Jovan suggest he could grow to 6 / 11 and having been to his home and seen him shooting hoops, he is a champion in the making.

As a nine year old, Jovan’s talents were identified by the best scouts in the business and has been entered into the NBA Skills Path Programme in the United States.

For those who don’t know basketball, that’s the same programme many of the elite NBA players progress through enroute to playing in the big league.

Upon turning 15, he will complete his education at a nominated school and university in the US before being drafted straight into the NBA.

In the meantime, Jovan will hone his skills in local Club and School competitions and keep breaking records like his did last weekend scoring 48 points for BBC against Nudgee – unheard of in this age group in GPS sport.

So Lord Mayor, on behalf of Jovan and the many other champions of the future in our city, thank you for creating an opportunity that very few sportsmen and women get, and that’s to compete at a home Olympic Games.