Indooroopilly Roundabout Major Upgrade Planned

I rise to speak briefly about Item A – Council’s plan to undertake a major upgrade at the Indooroopilly roundabout.

Although in the neighbouring Walter Taylor Ward, residents in my Ward of Pullenvale stand to benefit considerably from this project.

Anyone who travels regularly on busy Moggill Road knows the frustrations at this intersection, resulting in constant delays for all road users.

Not only will this upgrade help ease congestion on Moggill Road, it will see the introduction of a number of safety improvements with motorists no longer having to take their chances at this dangerous intersection.

Mr. Chair, as Cr. McLachlan has already pointed out, this intersection has a high crash history with more than 40 recorded incidents leading to hospitalisation and medical treatment in recent years.

Congestion on Moggill Road continues to be the single biggest issue raised with me since being elected.

Although it is State owned and operated, a three tiered Government approach is necessary to help ease congestion on Moggill Road. And this administration is to be commended for playing its part with this upgrade.

Mr. Chair, these works at Indooroopilly are on the Moggill Road corridor which links with the Kenmore Roundabout in the Pullenvale Ward.

I congratulate my Federal and State colleagues, the Member for Ryan, Julian Simmonds and Member for Moggill, Dr. Christian Rowan for securing a combined $25 million to help fix that problem.

With the State election now out of the way, I look forward to the re-appointed Minister for Transport undertaking public and stakeholder consultation as a matter of urgency to determine how that upgrade will look, so that work can commence as soon as possible.

And in doing so, residents will see that we are making a meaningful contribution to reducing traffic congestion and improving traffic safety in the western suburbs.

Thank you.