Thank you Chair.

I rise to speak about Brookfield Road in my Ward, and the ongoing issues around traffic safety.

Councillors might recall that last year, the speed limit on Brookfield Road approaching the general store was reduced from 60km an hour to 50km and one of the seven SAM signs in my Ward is permanently located nearby.

But signage alone doesn’t prevent accidents and with the Brookfield State School nearby, there is an ongoing need for motorists, parents and children to play their part and remain alert.

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, a young schoolgirl was hit by a motorist as she attempted to cross Brookfield Road after school. The good news, after speaking to her father, is that she will be ok.

It was timely that the following week, a meeting was convened by the local school principal and including key State and Local Government officers and other key stakeholders to look at other potential solutions.

Its something that I have been discussing with my colleague, the Infrastructure Chair, Cr. McLachlan. Separately, my State counterpart the Member for Moggill, has been looking at ways of having an easement through the State owned Showgrounds re-gazetted to give the School frontage to Brookfield Road and therefore an automatic 40km speed limit before and after school hours.

But safety concerns on Brookfield Road are not just confined to School days.

When the very popular Brookfield markets are held on every first and third Saturday of each month, there are patrons looking for parking, Pony Club members with horse floats accessing the paddock across the road, visitors to the cemetery, joggers and groups of cyclists who traditionally finish their Saturday morning ride at the general store, all competing to use the road.

I have discussed this issue at length with the Brookfield Showgrounds Trust which manages the entire reserve on behalf of the State Government.

In the interests of community safety, the Trust has decided to relocate the markets to its original site of its DA which will not only given the operator more space, but will ensure market parking will access the site from Boscombe Road, eliminating the need for market parking on Brookfield Road.

I commend and thank the Trust for taking this proactive measure. Anything that helps reduce traffic congestion and in turn, ensures the ongoing safety of our community, has my support.

This is a good start, and I will continue to work with other stakeholders for effective, permanent traffic solutions.

Thank you.