I am keen to work with the local history groups in creating a recognition in Rafting Ground Park to acknowledge the role the bullockies played in delivering much needed timber for the development of our city.

One idea put forward for consideration is a heritage trail through the park with supporting story boards outlining the role of the bullockies who brought the timber to the rafting ground, why timber was so important to the new colony, how it was felled by the timber getters, and how it was hauled down the river by tying logs together as rafts and floated down to sawmills in Brisbane.

I plan on undertaking community consultation onsite with interested parties to determine their thoughts on this idea. If there is support for a heritage trail, I will have it costed by Council with the aim of delivering the project within the next 12 months.

That meeting will be held in Rafting Ground Park on Saturday, August 12th at 10am.

If you can’t attend, you are welcome to leave your feedback below, no later than COB Monday 14th August, 2023.

    Do you support a recognition of the bullockies in Rafting Ground Park, Brookfield?