Thank you Chair.

It’s with pleasure that I rise to speak in support of Item B – the naming of the main sports field at the Bellbowrie Sports and Community Club in honour of the late Simon Clark.

I was first approached by the Moggill Football Club requesting if Mr. Clark could be acknowledged in some way for his lifetime dedication and volunteer work with the Moggill Football Club.

When I was briefed about Mr. Clark’s involvement, it was a no-brainer, we had to make such a recognition happen.

Before I do, allow me to elaborate briefly on the proud history on the Moggill Football Club.

Formed in 1974, Moggill FC now has 500 junior and senior male and female players on its books. They first started playing on the site of what now is our dog off-leash area at Booker Place Park.

Their colours are black and gold and emblem is the water dragon, which is appropriate given the suburb of Moggill takes its name from “magil’ – the Aboriginal name for water dragon.

Chair, Mr. Clark’s association with the Moggill Football Club which spanned more than 35 years, is one of which I know he and his family are very proud.

He started playing football at the club from a young age, commencing as a goalkeeper, and continued to play on the main sporting field until he passed.

Mr Clark was also a club committee member, coach, and a club sponsor through his store, The Football Shed.

In addition to playing and coaching, Mr Clark was heavily involved throughout his association with the club, ensuring teams had the correct equipment, organising raffle nights, team parties and filming games, which were then used by coaches to compile end of season videos for the teams.

He also played many games in the yearly Suzy Connor Charity Shield fundraiser.

Many of the children now playing in the club’s senior team were coached by Mr Clark. His three sons who participated in the junior system continue to be involved with the club.

Sadly, Mr. Clark passed away at a very young age of 41 in 2014.

Since, then, there was a strong push within the Bellbowrie and Moggill community to recognize Mr Clark’s efforts and enduring influence at the club.

Through this acknowledgement, the memory of Simon Clark and his significant contribution to grassroots soccer in my Ward will live on for many years to come.

I thank the Schrinner Council for helping make that happen.

Thank you.