Mr. Chair, I spoke about my concerns about road safety on Brookfield Road in this Chamber last year following an accident involving a young school girl.

Since then, there have been efforts from a range of stakeholders to address these concerns and my sense is that things are heading in the right direction.

This petition which contains 163 signatures accurately outlines the concerns of the local community and has my total support.

I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t support initiatives that will improve road safety, particularly for schoolchildren crossing Brookfield Road during mornings and afternoons.

While this petition calls for a pedestrian crossing, that is only one part of the solution. Lowering the speed limit from 50km to 40km a hour between 7 and 9am and 2 to 4pm on school days is equally important.

In regards to the pedestrian crossing, following last year’s accident, Council conducted a traffic survey that showed between 6am and 6pm, there were 84 crossings at an existing refuge near the cemetery, 89 between the two showgrounds driveways and 250 crossing to the east of the driveways.

Based on those results, Council officers believe that placing a crossing at the outbound bus stop would be of limited benefit with the majority of the pedestrians crossing outside the general store.

I’m advised that in 2013, this site was recommended for a pedestrian crossing but following pushback from the local community, this was placed on hold.

What we all agree is that a pedestrian crossing is needed, the question is where.

We will again undertake community consultation regarding a suitable location and I have suggested that Council officers investigate an Option B if there is still resistance to it being located outside the general store.

Mr. Chair, as I indicated earlier, the pedestrian crossing called for in this petition is only one part of the solution.

There are ongoing discussions with the State to provide the Brookfield State School with Brookfield Road access, which will allow Council to consider a request for a school zone. With that will come a reduction in the speed limit to 40km an hour during the busy drop-off and pick-up periods.

I commend the Brookfield Showgrounds Trust for agreeing to an easement through its Reserve which would enable the School to qualify for a school zone.

I also commend the State Member for Moggill, Dr. Christian Rowan MP for making representations to the State Education Minister for this become a reality, and Minister Grace Grace for investigating and initiating discussions with the Department of Natural Resources as owner of Showgrounds.

As I indicated earlier, we’re not there yet, but there is a lot of goodwill and intent and I remain hopeful that we will get an outcome that addresses road safety in the Brookfield community.

Mr. Chair, in relation to Item B, requesting Council to install traffic calming devices in Bredden Street, Chapel Hill.

It goes without saying that I support any initiatives that will increase traffic safety in my community.

As a result of this petition, Council has agreed to undertake a seven day traffic survey to determine the volumes, types and speeds of vehicles using Bredden Street.

Once the data is returned, a review on the potential suitability of the street for traffic calming will be undertaken.

Like the head petitioner and the residents who signed the petition, I await the findings of that survey with great interest.

Thank you.